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    "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein

  • Ideas. Problems. Curiosities. Yours...

    I have an ambition to try and make the world a more sustainable place. I can't do that on my own - neither can any of us - but I can contribute beyond my own actions in daily life by involving, informing and persuading others. I do this through an expanding network of similarly curious people and organisations. My website will help you plant the seeds in your own garden of curiosities by sharing ideas, connecting you, solving problems or even just making you think. If you would like me to keep you updated simply pop your name and address here, but why not have a look at what I'm up to first?

  • The Present

    My experiments, fired by my latent curiosity, have led me to cross paths with some interesting people and explore exciting new avenues. Tangible and intangible, practical and theoretical, creative and innovative, surprising and expected. I'm working on start-ups, academic research, organisational culture, writing, speaking, altruism, humanising business, mentor schemes, volunteering...a 21st century career. When I think back to my life a few years ago that would have been impossible. Below are my current collaborators; organisations that I create content for, help out or work with in some way. If you are curious about them, please click on the links. They are experiments too - some may flower and bear fruit, some not - but the one thing they have in common is that they are all taking a fresh approach to communicating or helping to solve some of today's and tomorrow's problems that collectively we all face.

    2030 LocalHub

    Bringing the UN SDGs to the business community

    The UN Sustainable Development Goals are ambitious and challenging. They can seem to be too far away for small business. I'd like to create a hub to share expertise, ideas, projects, and space to help local businesses make progress towards the SDGs and become more sustainable.

    The Future Debates

    12 people. 45 minutes. 1 conversation. What's on your mind?

    This is my main focus at present. Future Debates provides you with an opportunity to have a conversation about something that matters to you. If you want to start to explore problems in your organisation, generate ideas, create a strategy or simply get your team together, then check out the website and get in touch.


    Royal Society for the Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce

    I joined the RSA as a Fellow in 2016 and I'm now part of a network of over 27,000 people exploring today's and tomorrow's social, economic and cultural issues. I'm part of the RSA's Sustainability Network and I am in the process of starting a local group in Winchester.

  • Inspirations

    I could write a long list here of things I enjoy doing for fun* or people, places, and activities that give me the metaphorical fuel for my experiments. Instead I thought I'd tell you about some other organisations that I am involved with in that have all played a part in shaping my life in great and small ways. I give my time to many of them. I'm sharing them with you (there are links below) because I believe advocacy is important and if you're passionate about something then why not tell people? Think of them as the seeds that have been planted in my own garden of curiosities. It's not an exhaustive list, you'll have to ask....


    *oh, go on then, just one - skiing. I love skiing - the sense of freedom you get, the scenery, fresh air, adrenalin... Hence some of the pictures.


    A weekly, free, 5km run

    There's not enough room for to me to enthuse about parkrun! They are so good I used them for my MSc thesis. I volunteer regularly and I'm a run director at my local event.

    People and Planet


    Allowing humans to flourish

    I worked for Future-Fit for 3 months helping them put together their Benchmark. It's groundbreaking, ambitious and hugely important.

    Escape the City

    Life is short. Do work that matters to you

    Transforming 21st careers through programmes and workshops. I was part of an Escape Tribe, which inspired me to create this website.


    Helping us to live more sustainable lives

    Through their clever pledging platform, they help people adopt new behaviours that create a happier, healthier, more sustainable world.

    Royal British Legion

    Remembering the fallen

    I organise the annual poppy appeal for my local branch. During my military career I knew people who made the ultimate sacrifice. This is my way of remembering them.

    Blood Donation

    Giving a little bit of me

    I donate platelets and plasma from my blood once a month. It helps people undergoing organ transplants or chemotherapy. If you're healthy then please think about donating too.

  • Writing

    I'd wanted to write for a long time so I started a blog. Here are my thoughts (so far) about: sustainability, business, debate, the internet, the future, employment...even sunflowers. I'll leave it up to you as to whether it's any good or not, but I always try and leave the reader with a question to think about. If you'd like me to tackle a curiosity of yours, let me know.

    As climate change, habitat loss, over-consumption, waste, pollution and other 21st century global challenges — or more accurately, their impacts on humanity both real and imagined — permeate the bedrock of humanity’s consciousness, so our collective consciences continue to stir like some sort of...
    One of the more eye catching pieces I’ve read this week was about the seemingly trivial subject of job titles, particularly those used in job adverts when companies want to stand out from the crowd in some way. To make anodyne positions sound more interesting there is an increasing trend to jazz...
    Ever since I decided to change my career nearly 3 years ago — a process that is still ongoing — I have been exposed to a whole new world: different people, different mindsets, different language, a whole new subculture. It’s not surprising really as the conversation surrounding the 21st century...
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  • The Future

    So, if that was what I'm up to at the moment, what's next? My future involves you! I'm really just starting to try things out and I'll need more collaborators if I want to make a lasting change and help the world become more sustainable. In time this website will be my CV (you can look at my actual CV via the link at the top if you really want to), newsletter and virtual space to share the great and interesting things that people are doing.


    If you're curious about anything I'm up to, or have ideas of your own that you think I could help you with through my connections then tell me about them.

  • Letter to the Future

    Before I go, I was once asked to write a "Letter to the Future". The future is both relative and a constant. When should I choose? Who should I write to? I could have written to my future self but I will change, and it would probably be full of trivial personal reminders to recycle or remember my mum's birthday. Writing to a government or similar institution could be powerful but they change too and it would soon be forgotten as one voice amongst many. So I decided to write it to my daughter, Emily. She was only 18 months old at the time but it will always be relevant. I thought I'd share it with you as it captures a what I'm all about...

    Dear Emily,

    You can’t yet read nor understand what Daddy is saying but as you grow and learn about the world, you’ll hear about climate change and its effects more and more. You will find out if the world has met the 20C target by 2050 and feel the consequences more than I do if has not. Most news you read and hear about it will be bad news; this is what sells newspapers and gets tv ratings. Do not be downhearted or overwhelmed, you cannot solve all the world’s problems so do not try.


    If I have one piece of advice for you to carry you through your life it is to always be curious. Ask questions, learn, find out about things, talk to people. There are very few people you cannot learn something from or, who cannot learn something from you. And as you learn, question that knowledge. Be critical and demanding of it, be certain of its validity. But if it makes sense, then take hold of it, use it, be creative, be passionate. Don’t be afraid to have ideas and tell people about them. They will listen and follow you. You will find people just like you who can and want to do good and help the world. It doesn’t matter what language they speak, what they look like, how much education or money they have. They will all want to be part of something bigger than themselves and you should too.


    Be brave, take risks, do things, be excited and be happy. If your dad’s brain still works then you can ask him when you’re stuck. If he doesn’t know or can’t help then ask your mum, she probably will! Oh and don’t forget to recycle, or mum’s birthday.


    I’ll always be holding your hand, lots of love always,


    Daddy xxx

  • “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” Anonymous Greek proverb

    If you too have a questing disposition about the future and think I could help, I'd like to talk to you.

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